Federal Immigrant Investor Program

The Government of Canada announced to start a pilot project namely Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program in January 2015. Under the new program, investors who demonstrate a net-worth of $10 Million with a business or investment experience and who meet certain requirements, will receive Permanent Residency in exchange of making a relatively smaller investment.

Federal Entrepreneur Program

Qubec Investor Program

Qubec Investor Program is for high net-worth individuals who have the capability of investing $800,000 in return of Canadian Residency. The program is suitable for Investors, businessmen, agriculturists, senior government officials, bureaucrats and managers who intend to settle in Canada. The application quot under this program is limited worldwide and early applications are advised. The full amount of investment is returnable and guaranteed by the Government of Qubec.

Qubec Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program is for businessmen who would like to settle in Canada and are willing to do business in Qubec.

Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Programs

Provinces in Canada have different Provincial Nominee Programs for entrepreneurs and businessmen. These programs have a lower investment requirement and start with a returnable $75,000