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NewLife Consultants started operations in the 1990’s. A leading international immigration consultancy firm, committed to building a satisfied customer base over the long-term. A company that keeps its promise and stand the clients helping to achieve their goals and dreams.

We are proud of our professionalism and our achievements of having the highest success rate in the market, delivering value to clients for many years and having thousands of successful clients who fulfilled their dreams.  Take a look at our success stories to understand more.

We have a client base of various nationalities who come from different walks of life. Our reach is global and we can assist you with different programs in many countries including:

The United Kingdom
The United States of America
European  / Schengen countries
New Zealand
The Caribbean
and many more…

We offer many services under one roof including:

Investments abroad
Citizenship programs
Immigration services
Overseas settlements
Work permit programs
Student Services
Tourism and visit programs
and many more…

Take a look at our services to find out more.

No matter what your dream is, just know that, with the right professional help there is always a possibility that your dream can come true.

Take a step towards transforming your dream to reality. Book a personal appointment and meet our team and get professional help and lets start building your team.