Investor & Entrepreneur

For investors, entrepreneurs and business owners with a net worth in excess of US$100,000 or high net-worth individuals who wish to gain permanent residence leading to citizenship with visa free travel around the globe, you may qualify for some of our high net worth programme. NewLife Consultants provides immigration services for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to migrate with or without setting up new ventures or businesses overseas. “Read more”


Skilled Worker

There are many migration programs in Canada that are attracting skilled migrants to fill the labor shortages in Canada. These include occupations in high demand. NewLife Consultants can assist you in choosing the right path and making the right application. “Read More”



Give your career a perfect start. Our end to end processing can help you realize your true potential and the career of your dreams. Take advantage of the professional services offered by NewLife Consultants and ensure that your application has a high probability of success. “Read More”

Visit / Tourist

You may have to obtain a visit or a Temporary Resident Visa if you wish to visit certain countries for example Canada, USA European countries e.t.c. requirements for an application may vary from country to country and relevant supporting documentation is necessary to increase your chances of a successful outcome. In some scenarios a sponsorship can be of great value in order to support your application. NewLife Consultants can help you with years of extensive experience and an unmatched success ratio. “Read More”